With the new Hyperlinking feature, you are able to take your use case from one module to the other. Switching between the Playground, Experiments, and Deployments allows you to make quick iterations throughout the whole platform. Whether you want to take your Playground setup to Experiments or your Deployment to Playground, it's all possible.

Example: You are running a Deployment but want to quickly test out what would happen if you change your prompt. You don't want to change the prompt within your Deployment because it's in production. With the new Hyperlinking feature, you can open the exact same configuration used in one module in the other. Follow these steps to try it out yourself:

  1. Navigate towards the Logs tab
  2. Click on the log that has the configuration that you want to iterate on
  3. Click on the tree-dotted menu in the upper right corner
  4. Click open in Playground
  5. Click on 'View Playground'
  6. You'll be redirected the Playground and see the exact same configuration you are using in your Deployment