Claude 3 - Haiku, Sonnet and Opus are now available

With the launch of Claude 3, Anthropic is challenging the status quo. Its most advanced model 'Opus' is supposedly better than GPT-4. However, it's also around 2.5 times more expensive than GPT-4. Haiku, the cheapest and least capable model, is around the same price as GPT-3.5 and is really fast.

On another note, none of the Claude models support image and video generation. However, they do have the ability to interpret and analyze images. Moreover, they do have a default context window of 200k tokens, making it useful for larger data sets and variables.

The Sonnet and Haiku models are available on Anthropic as well as on AWS Bedrock. Whereas Opus is currently only available on Anthropic.

You can toggle them on in the Model Garden and try them out yourself!