Learn what Tools are and how to add ones to your resources.

Tools let you use function calling abilities available on models that support it.

Function calling is a way for a model to output structured text automatically. The structured text follows a set of user-defined variables and is formatted in JSON. It can then be used to call any other function or system.

Function calling is a safe way to integrate a model with any external service, with common use-cases like:

  • Answering user queries via external API calls.
  • Converting natural language to a structured function call.
  • Extracting structured data from any text.

Tools created within your Resources are conveniently stored for re-use in other modules.

Creating a new Tool

To add a new Tool to your Resources, head over to the Resources > Tools section of the panel. Then select Create Tool.

Once entering the name and domain for your Tool, the following configuration page will open:

Your tool configuration page.

The Tool configuration page. Here you can define the JSON schema for your function call, the schema will be validated as you enter it.

To declare your tool, using JSON schema, a payload will look like the following:

Declare all the fields you want the model to fill during generation.

  "name": "<tool_name>",
  "description": "<tool_description>",
  "parameters": {
    "type": "object",
    "properties": { // Enter here as many properties as you desire
      "<property_name>": {
        "type": "string", // JSON comptatible type
        "description": "Describe your property to give more context to the model"
      "<property_name_2>": {
        "type": "string", // JSON comptatible type
        "description": "Describe your property to give more context to the model"
    "required": [] // String array of required previously-declared properties

Once your schema is ready, select the Save changes button. Your tool will then be available to use within Playgrounds, Experiments and Deployments.


To learn more about using Tools, see Tools in Playground, Tools in Experiments, and Tools in Deployments.