Cohere - Deployments

In this guide, we will show you how key management works in and how you can integrate your Cohere API keys from your LLM provider once you go into production with the use case.

For Production workloads, we highly recommend using your own API keys, but for Dev and Test purposes, you can use keys, and the cost will be charged back to you. Using your API key gives you full control over your rate limits, and can orchestrate it for you.

How to retrieve your API keys

To retrieve your API keys from Cohere, there are a few steps to follow:

  • Sign up for a Cohere account.
  • Log in to your Cohere account and access the OpenAI dashboard.
  • Navigate to the API keys page, and create or copy an API key.

Integrate API key into

Navigate to the Integrations page, and on the Cohere card, click on the view integration button.

Set up your own API key by adding:

  • Name.
  • Your Cohere API key.

Click Save Changes, and API keys will be saved. You can edit or delete an old API key and also add a new API key.

You will be able to see your billing & usage, and invoice in the Cohere environment.

Use your own Cohere API keys throughout

From now on, will use your API key in Playgrounds, Experiments, and Deployments when doing calls to Cohere.

Using as Configuration Manager

If you want to use all the superpowers gives you but stay in full control of your actual LLM call, you can use as a Configuration Manager. Continue reading: Cohere - Prompt Management