Realtime Dashboards & Analytics

A Comprehensive Guide to Dashboard and Analytics in

Dashboards are very important to visually display essential data and information in a user-friendly and easy-to-understand format. It displays analytical data, which helps teams make informed decisions, optimize processes, and uncover valuable patterns within data.

The dashboard consists of the following:


The refresh button allows you to update or reload the chart's data. The primary purpose of this button is to provide a way for you to obtain the latest or most updated information without having to navigate away from the chart and return to it.

Time interval

The time interval selector allows you to interactively choose and set a specific time interval or range within the chart's data.

Analytics chart

The analytic chart in is a line chart that displays the important and key metrics for every interaction with the large language model (LLM). The chart displays daily requests, cost, latency (p99 and p50), and the score for each interaction with the LLM.

Below the analytics chart, you can check requests, cost ($), tokens, latency, score for your models, and prompts.